Busy Weekend, Spring arrival and Captain America saves the city ;)

February 25th, 2010

Well..well..well.. i must say we didn’t expect such a turnover. After freezing long weeks finally spring weather arrived to Krakow. Snow is melting,  sun is shining, girls are smiling and cats do what cats usually do in spring time..

We had probably last snowmobiling trip this season as snow is melting down in Tatra mountains..

Rob’s group had a great fun with the white powder ;) They also went to check their accuracy with few Ak47’s

“Now! bad ass look lads! ” – DONE!

Believe it or not – we also hosted CAPTAIN AMERICA this weekend in Krakow!

He decided to leave his shield in the cloak room and went for a racing competition with his mates.. He did not do quite well to be true.. ;)

Heat up your heart! Indoor shooting fun!

February 14th, 2010

One of the best activities, highly recommended for cold winter days – is indoor shooting!

Great fun for everyone guaranteed! Greetings for the Vik’s group!

Great rarity! Polish Bison spotted in Krakow! ;)

February 14th, 2010

Polish Bison – aka ZUBR – is one of the symbols of Polish wildlife. It is a great rarity to see one as they usually stay locked up under strict protection in natural parks. We were greatly surprised to see one, all covered up in snow , sitting on a bench in Planty Park..


Krakow in Snow! Harsh winter strikes back!

February 14th, 2010

This year’s winter is extraordinary. Forget about global warming! This is like a promise of a new ice age. Krakow is all covered up in Snow. Last night’s snowfall was about 15 cm! Daily temperatures of approx -5 celsius have now become something normal for the locals as they seem to last endlessly and looks like the winter is here to stay.

Even for a short stroll in a Planty park you will need good and warm winter boots. Skiing ger is also very welcome!

The whole city looks really amazing all covered up in white powder! Kind of dreamland landscape..

The only problem is when it comes to start your car but the battery is dead.. all you can do is cry for help :)